Why Cruz Azul broke the curse of 23 years

31, 2021

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It appears that these are unbelievable times for world football. Only in this year did the reign of Juventus in Italy end; the dupolio of champs of the Spanish league of Real Madrid-Barcelona was ruined with the success of Atlético de Madrid; in France, the hegemony of Paris Saint Germain ended with the triumph of Lille and in Portugal Sporting Lisbon won for the very first time in practically 20 years. And yesterday, Cruz Azul was champion in Mexico. This Sunday, May 30, 2021, the cement team broke with a curse of 23 years and rose as first department champion in Liga MX. The official sale of tickets for the conference in Cruz Azul and Santos Laguna began on Wednesday with rates from 450 to 1,200 pesos. In resale the tickets ranged from 3,000 to 8,000 pesos outside the Azteca Stadium. This was due to the fact that fans might just occupy 25% of the places in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, permitting “only” 20,267 people. The history of this soccer club, -which occurred in Hidalgo, but which was made in Mexico City with victories in the 70s-, had actually won for the last time in the 1997 winter season competition. For years, the” Azul “approached the cup lot of times, only to stop working in the last minutes of the specifying matches. So much so that the word” crosszulear” ended up being a word of usage (and which is under evaluation by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language) to discuss the moment when you make an error simply before reaching what you desire. That is why we Mexicans (and many Latin Americans) stated, half jokingly and half seriously, that the cement team had a curse. Its not that Cruz Azul is a bad team. He has actually won several continental titles and frequently completes among the best on the table. However he hadnt raised a glass for 23 years. However this Sunday, despite all the memes and jokes, Cruz Azul won 2-1 on aggregate against Santos Laguna de Torreón. With goals from Luis Romo in the very first leg and Cabecita Rodríguez in the second leg, the cement producers instantly made a location in the Concachampions League. This is how Jonathan Rodríguezs objective was experienced at the court level, the one that made the title for @CruzAzul, the second for La Maquina in the series and the one that the Azteca Stadium sang pic.twitter.com/JIG2iRX2gv – Liga BBVA MX (@LigaBBVAMX) May 31, 2021 The Cruz Azul success has some lessons that business owners can adopt for life. 1. Team work It seems like a very apparent lesson when we talk about a sports team, however the truth is that Cruz Azul proved to have a more conformed team. Jesús Corona, Julio César Domínguez, Pablo Aguilar, Juan Escobar, Ignacio Rivero, Rafael Baca, Luis Romo, Pol Fernández, Orbelín Pineda, Roberto Alvarado and Jonathan Cabecita Rodríguez were the 11 owners of the Machine who combated to give everything in the basketball court. Diplomatic immunity is Jesús Corona, the teams goalkeeper. For him, the victory is even sweeter when he is 40 years of ages and has triumphed versus the Lagunero goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo, 25. “It is achieved thanks to the work, the dedication of this group and it provides me excellent pleasure for the group, coaching staff and fans that already deserved it,” Corona informed the Marca portal. Entrepreneurial Lesson: Fill your group with great players and trust them. And let the most experienced do their task. 2. A leader who knows the operation Cement coach Juan Reynoso belonged to the Cruz Azul group that won the final versus León in 1997 when he bet the team as captain and center-back. Peruvian by birth, but Mexican by conviction, yesterday Reynoso ended up being the very first coach to win both as a gamer and as a coach. Hes generally subtle, but throughout the tournament I make tactical decisions that werent always popular. After a very soulless first half, Reynoso put his team on the waist so that they offered their all on the court in the 2nd half. “Reynoso messed up all of us (at halftime), but delighted with the outcome, the team got up on time,” Pablo Aguilar informed Marca. For his part, Reynoso stated for the Claro site that “in some cases we are not in the ideal place and time, one goes back in time and makes memory, gamers and category technicians passed by who could not have this achievement and has us in the clouds with what we accomplish Life puts you where you should have, I speak for Cata (Domínguez), Chuy (Corona) and (Adrián) Aldrete, who I have seen them sob in tough times and today I saw them sob with joy. People from this club who are assured of their future, this championship removed their dream and today it became a reality.” Entrepreneurial lesson: Get begun in something you truly understand and trust your experience and the understanding you have actually acquired in your market. You have been given a special viewpoint that, while not constantly apparent to others, will be based on empirical understanding. AN INCREDIBLE STORY! @CruzAzul waited to duplicate this postcard for 23 years and tonight, he ended the prize dry spell for his cause; Jesús Corona and Julio Domínguez, the captains. pic.twitter.com/vsfetKSCuP – Liga BBVA MX (@LigaBBVAMX) May 31, 2021 3. When the cement team raised its eighth cup, have hugely loyal fans Many of Cruz Azuls fans were not even born in 1997. In these 23 years numerous of them never left their group. They endured 23 years of frustration and teasing, however they never took off their shirt. In yesterdays game, grandparents, kids and parents sobbed hugging due to the fact that they constantly trusted that they would go “for the ninth.” And they was successful. Entrepreneurial Lesson: Never undervalue the power of words of motivation. Whether they are your moms and dads, friends, partner, coworkers or children, having someone on your court will give you the home for that 90-minute video game plus overtime and penalties that is entrepreneurship. Search for coaches to assist you and of course, provide you a word of encouragement. The other day Cruz Azul broke a curse of 23 years and reveals us that we can all overcome bad spells, no matter for how long they may be.

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Its not that Cruz Azul is a bad group. Group work It seems like a really obvious lesson when we talk about a sports group, however the truth is that Cruz Azul proved to have a more conformed group. A leader who knows the operation Cement coach Juan Reynoso was part of the Cruz Azul team that won the final against León in 1997 when he played for the team as captain and center-back. Have extremely devoted fans Many of Cruz Azuls fans were not even born in 1997 when the cement group lifted its 8th cup. In these 23 years many of them never ever left their team.