Tesla faces $163M payout to drivers in Norway following court decision

A Norwegian conciliation council has actually purchased Tesla to pay countless dollars each to Model S owners after it discovered that a software upgrade led to longer charging times, the Norwegian paper Nettavisen reported Monday. Drivers qualified for settlement under the ruling will receive 136,000 kroner ($16,000) each.
Thirty Tesla drivers brought a complaint to the conciliation council in December 2020, mentioning that charging times slowed down after a software application upgrade the previous year. The poorer performance impacted Tesla Model S automobiles made in between 2013 and 2015.
Tesla sold about 10,000 Model S vehicles during that time frame in Norway. That suggests Tesla deals with a total payment of up to 1.36 kroner ($163 million), Nettavisen stated.
Tesla did not react to the complaint prior to the judgement being issued and it has till May 30 to pay the fine. The company has the opportunity to appeal the judgment to the Oslo Conciliation Board by June 17.
This is not the very first time Tesla has actually dealt with problems on charging speeds in court. A Tesla owner in 2019 filed a lawsuit versus the EV manufacturer in the Northern California federal court declaring scams and decreased battery range following a software upgrade.
Norway leads Europe in the variety of EVs on the road, with battery electrical cars accounting for 54% of all new car sales in 2020, according to the Norwegian Road Federation. Audi e-trons were the most popular vehicle sold, followed by the Model 3.