Pose just delivered its greatest, most devastating read yet: ‘Elektra wiped the floor’

May 27, 2021. The next episode,” Something Old, Something New,” airs on FX on Sunday 30 May.

Elektra wiped the flooring with that brief bridal shop manager. Read him like he was hooked on phonics. Elektra stays the Queen of reading a bitch.
That was by far one of the finest scenes ever !!– John( @JohnJohnboyaz68) May 27, 2021. When she checked out that guy to filth, me sippin with Elektra. #PoseFX #pose pic.twitter.com/t2qBQQBPFq.– Devyn Malik( @Devyn56481) May 24, 2021. I love how the minute Elektra lifted that cup approximately
take a sip, a READ was coming
.– Jaiden Alan( @jaiden_ah) May 28, 2021. I imply, I didnt believe that anything will be remarkable to the
white girl read however this … GLORIOUS!– Luis Antonio
Ramirez Garcia( @Luisrazga) May 26, 2021. The attendant in the background having a Fred Sanford cardiac arrest. pic.twitter.com/p079hNJF1J.– Deitrah Taylor (@deejay0784)

Another Elektra read #PoseFX pic.twitter.com/Vn3tlRDJzm.
— The Morning & & The Evening Star (@shortNstilettos) May 26, 2021.

Pose fans went wild for the scene, commemorating the “finest Elektra read of all time” on social networks.

Elektra wiped the floor with that short bridal shop supervisor. Elektra stays the Queen of checking out a bitch. Me sippin with Elektra when she checked out that man to dirt. I love how the moment Elektra lifted that cup up to
take a sip, a READ was coming
. I imply, I didnt believe that anything will be remarkable to the
white lady girl but this … GLORIOUS!

Elektra was on pure kind in the latest episode of Pose as she provided her greatest read of all time, leaving no survivors.
Present fans were in for a reward in season threes “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” which sees Elektra (Dominique Jackson) spend lavishly on the wedding of Angels dreams.
But as the girls happily look for bridal gown theyre abruptly reminded of the reality of being trans when the owner declines to serve them, informing them theyre not “genuine women”.
Go into Elektra, who takes a long, sluggish sip of her drink prior to reading him to absolute filth with the most devastating takedown of the whole program.
” I can see from your sad little wedding event band that you are married, but that does not suggest youve had any contact with a lady for rather a long time,” she begins.
” Even a caring other half would prevent her impotent other half if his testicles hung so low that they grew unclean from dragging along the flooring when he took off his tighty-whities.
” And I question– no excuse me, I understand– that no other ladies have actually paid you any mind, because females arent brought in to men who arent tall sufficient to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island.”.
The man was clearly minimized to ashes by this point but Elektra wasnt done. “If not for pity, your closest distance to a vagina would have been at your birth,” she continued, “so we can excuse the fact that you can not see the royalty enhancing your shop.
” I have seen genuine males, and I can ensure you, I am not taking a look at one right now.”.
Lesson discovered: Dont mess with mother.

Elektra delivers the drag of the century in the most recent episode of Pose (Twitter/@PoseOnFX).