Miguel Simón y Mariano Closs relatarán la final de la Champions League

The ESPN signal, which owns the tv rights to the UEFA Champions League last, which Manchester City and Chelsea pick Saturday, chose to arrange two broadcasts. Hence, he leaves the audience delighted who required the stories of Miguel Simón and those who asked Mariano Closs. Simon and Closs are ESPN'' s flagship rapporteurs. This Thursday, Simón supervised of the last of the UEFA Europa League that Villarreal and Manchester United starred in. From his presence in this match, social networks were flooded with questions about who would be the designated rapporteur for Saturday'' s grand last in between English groups. END OF #CHAMPIONSxESPN WITH 3 AUDIO OPTIONS! Saturday 15:30: Manchester City vs Chelsea ESPN @migsim and @wolffquique ESPN 2 Mariano Closs and @dflatorre ESPN SAP (Descriptive Audio Story) @GermanSosaEspn and @jorgebaravalle Options for all tastes! pic.twitter.com/Fp3HhxVp7P – Sports Tribune (@TribunaDeporOK) May 27, 2021 Hundreds of fans requested Simon; as many for Closs. The channel chose to please both '' sides '. ESPN will televise the game on two channels. In ESPN there will be the duo comprised of Miguel Simón and Quique Wolff. While ESPN 2 will show Mariano Closs and Diego Latorr e. The channel provides a 3rd option: ESPN SAP, with a story and detailed audio.