How Much Caffeine in Diet Coke You Want to Drink

How much caffeine in diet coke is a must known information especially if you are in diet program. This is the best way to do so you can drink coke safely in your diet program. What you need to know that each of diet coke has different level of caffeine. Let’s discuss about it so you can choose the best diet coke to drink.

Diet Coke

The most popular coke for dieters is diet coke. This product is made by Coca Cola. This is also the reason why some countries said diet coke as Coke Light or Coca Cola Light. The best part of this soft drink is on its low calories level and it makes this product included on the number 2 best selling soft drink after regular coke. So, how much caffeine in diet coke? The amount of caffeine used in this product is around 46.5mg per 12 Oz. Actually this amount is 32% more than Coca Cola Classic. Nowadays, you can drink Diet Coke in several flavors including lemon, lime, raspberry, black cherry vanilla, Splenda, and cherry. There is also a Diet Coke with caffeine free if you need it.

RC Cola

RC Cola is also known as Royal Crown Cola. This is also considered as a popular diet coke. In fact, this product has been served their customers over 100 years. Until today, there are 7 variants you can drink. Those are including kick, RC edge, RC premium, and cherry, diet RC, RC 10, and RC Neo. Too bad, some of those products are a little bit difficult to find in the market today. RC Cola also contains of caffeine and the amount of caffeine is around 43mg per 12 Oz. It is a diet coke with moderate level of caffeine.    

Cherry Coke

Dieters who love to drink diet coke need to consider cherry coke. It is a famous coke due to the great flavor. This soft drink is offered in two different versions. The first version is cherry diet coke which has the same caffeine level with regular coke. The second version is cherry diet coke zero version. This version is zero calories and the same caffeine level. How much caffeine in diet coke with cherry flavor? Interestingly, it contains only around 34mg per 12 Oz and it is considered as a soft drink with low level of caffeine. Try it and everything will be under control.

Vanilla Coke

If you want to try different version of diet coke, try to drink vanilla coke. The taste is also great and it is a good option if you don’t want to drink plain or cherry diet coke. Just like cherry coke, vanilla coke is also made in two different versions, diet vanilla diet coke and vanilla diet coke zero version. That’s why it is an option for those who want to drink zero calories soft drink and low level of caffeine. In fact, Vanilla Coke also has around 34mg for 12 Oz.

So, which one of diet coke you want to drink to support your diet program? You might try all of them if you want to while considering the amount of the caffeine and calories. The most important thing is that you finally know how much caffeine in diet coke you want to drink.   

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