What are best contact lenses for dry eyes?

If you have dry eyes, what are best contact lenses for dry eyes that safe to wear? Dry eyes can be so uncomfortable, painful and the condition can deal with daily basis can causes by several factors.  Exposure to air conditioning or heat, spending hours staring into screen, have medication, or even poorly fitting of contact lenses also can causes dry eyes.

Best contact lenses brand for dry eyes

There are many brands of contact lenses available in market. It is best to talk with your doctor to consult about the brand recommended below.


This is contact lenses that featured with unique material for keeping the lenses stay moist. This brand claim that it can improve the wearer comfort who experience mild discomfort or any symptom that related with eye dryness.

Acuvue oasys

These contact lenses allow significant oxygen through the lenses that keep the high level of moisture in your eyes. This contact lenses also featured with smooth surface that will help to repel the buildup and the retain moisture.


This brand is approved for using in daily and extender wearer that up to 30 days and night. This will help to retain the moisture and also comfort to wear.

 Focus dailies all day comfort

This is one of most popular disposable contact lenses. These contact lenses featured with blink activated moisture technology to ensure your eyes will be refreshed with every blink.

1 day acuvue moist

This is contact lenses option for wearer that regularly suffers with dry eyes.

Air Optix color

If you want to buy colors contact lenses, then you can choose this brand. This provides monthly color contact lenses that featured with highly breathable hydrogel and 33% water content. 

Contact lenses for multifocal

For multifocal dry eyes, then you can choose 1 day acuvue moist multifocal, dailies comfort multifocal, and biofinity multifocal.

There are many brands of contact lenses available to choose that come with features you need for dry eyes condition.

Tips to help your dry eyes

If you have dry eyes, then there are several things that able to do to improve this condition. This also can get rid of your dry eyes. If you have dry eyes, it is important to determine the causes and then treat it properly.

Using eye drops

Eye drops are artificial tears and you can buy with or without prescription. This eye drops are able to applied in ease and fast to lubricate the dry eyes.

Blink more frequently

When you use computer, smartphone or other digital device, try to blinbk more frequently. Take frequent breaks when use computer.

Clean eyelids

When you wash your face before bedtime, gently wash eyelids to remove the bacteria remains that can causes dry eye.

Wear sunglasses

When you go outdoor, wear high quality sunglasses that will block UV rays.

When you have dry eyes, consult to your doctors before you choose one of these recommended contact lenses above. This can help you to less risk for being complication when you choose best contact lenses for dry eyes

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