The Best Contacts for Dry Eyes

Best contacts for dry eyes are better chosen because there is great tendency that the eyes will get dry easily when wearing the contact lenses. People do not want to make it worse by wearing the wrong contact lenses. Nevertheless, choosing the best one must be challenging especially since there are various options of contact lenses offered on the market. In this circumstance, people just need to follow the right path to the best choice of contact lenses for dry eyes.

Consulting with Optician

People can learn further about the available contact lenses out there. However, it will always be a great idea for consulting with the optician when they have dry eyes and look for the contact lenses. The optician will offer the needed help so people can determine the right lenses which can be the best choice for them. Trial and error might be involved in this circumstance but it will be helpful for finding the contact lenses which should be tried next for overcoming the dry eyes problem. One thing for sure, the optician has the best understanding about the contact lenses including the material and size which will affect the dry eyes.

Choosing Lens Material

The next thing which should be done is choosing the best material for the contact lenses. There are various types of material used for the contact lenses offered out there but for people with dry eyes, it is the best for them to choose the contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel. This type of material will allow the oxygen for reaching the cornea for keeping it moist. Unfortunately, the contact lenses of this type are more expensive than other contact lens materials.

Choosing Solutions

Choosing the best lens material is a must but people also need to consider about the solution for the contact lenses. They must beware of the contact lenses which come with preservatives because it can increase the symptoms of dry eyes more. This is something which must be consulted with the optician when choosing the best contact lenses for sure.

Choosing Brands

To make it easier, there are some brands which can be chosen when people are looking for the contact lenses which are friendlier to the dry eyes. It is true that it will be so much better if they can wear the daily disposable contact lenses. For this purpose, there are some brands which can be chosen. Dailies Total 1 shows great result for keeping the eyes moist. The contact lenses from this brand come with water gradient feature which means that the water content of different part of the lens is different. There are also some other brands which can be chosen including Focus Daily All Day Comfort, Focus Daily Aquacomfort Plus, and 1 Day Acuvue Moist.

If people think that daily disposable one is not for them, they can also find the best brand for monthly disposable contact lenses for the dry eyes owners. Biofiny can be considered as best one besides Air Optix Aqua and Proclear as the best contacts for dry eyes.

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