Finding the Best Daily Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Best daily contact lenses for dry eyes is necessary because wearing contact lenses basically can cause dry eyes. If people already have this problem before they wear the contact lenses, the dry eyes problem can get worse. That is why people need to make sure that they get the best contact lenses which will not worsen the dry eyes problem. Actually the daily contact lenses can be a great choice because it will be less of deposits which can dry the eyes. Nevertheless, there are also some other factors to consider to find the best one.


Contact lenses which are offered these days come with various materials. In fact, different materials for the lenses can give different effect to the eyes. For example, people should choose the soft one which is made from flexible plastic which gives the way for oxygen to circulate in the eyes. The same thing can also be found by choosing the contact lenses from harder material such as the rigid gas permeable one. People with dry eyes problem can also choose the soft lenses made from hydrogel or silicone based hydrogel one. Contact lenses which have phosphorylcholine will also be a great choice since it can attract the water so the eyes can be kept moist.

Water Content

When people are talking about soft lenses, we can make sure that the amount of water content cannot be separated especially when people are looking for one with the best category. The eyes can get drier if they use the soft lenses with high content of water. That is why it is better to choose the soft lenses with low content of water. To find the best options which are comfortable on their eyes, people should try the soft lenses with different level of water content.


Next, people also have to consider about the size of the lenses. People can find the contact lenses with different sizes but the most common measurement is about 9mm across. This type of contact lenses size can cover the iris which is part of eye with colors. Nevertheless, people can also find the scleral type with 15-22mm across measurement. This type of contact lenses also covers the sclera area which is eye white area. This type of lens comes with gas permeable feature which means that the oxygen will be allowed to reach the surface of the eye. That is why some people find it better to wear this type of contact lenses for their dry eyes.

Rewetting Drops

Choosing the best contact lenses is a must but people still need to do the next thing for making sure that their eyes will not get dry easily when wearing the contact lenses. It is crucial for moisten the eyes by using the rewetting drops before applying the contact lenses. For keeping the moisture, they must not forget to use the drops during the day as well. They should use it more often if they are in the super dry environment. It is better to choose the eye drop which is free from preservative. It is as important as finding the best daily contact lenses for dry eyes.

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