Best contact lenses brand

Which are best contact lenses brand that fitted with your requirement? These brands below are the popular contact lenses brands that featured with unique features and treatment.

The top best contact lenses brand


This is one of the most highly recommended contact lenses brand. Acuvue is a good option to choose as it provide wide ranges of contact lenses types such as daily contact lenses, night contact lenses, astigmatism contact lenses, and others type. Acuvue is a contact lenses brand that also known for its comfort to wear in all day long. The lenses are stay to moist although it is uses for throughout the day.


Dailies brand is other top contact lenses brand that valuable to choose when you buy contact lenses. As the name, the Dailies is contact lenses brand that provide varies of disposable contact lenses that uses for daily replacement, include the contact lenses for astigmatism.

Air Optix

Air Optix is other popular contact lenses brand that offer varies different contact lenses. The most popular type of this brand is AIR OPTIX astigmatism and AIR OPTIX NIGHT &DAY @6 pack. These contact lenses are known for the comfortable to wear by allow oxygen to flow through the contact lenses. This feature also lead to healthier and improved the eyes looking. These contact lenses also known for one brand that comfortable and safe to wear while sleeping.   If you looking for safe and comfort contact lenses to sleep from popular brand, this can be good option to choose.

What to look before buy contact lenses

Before you buy contact lenses, then there are several factors that need to consider. There are many brands of contact lenses available in market and they have unique features that can be best to wear for you. Remember in your mind that there are no one brands that best for all wearer.

Base curve 

The base curve is the main fitting curve in the back surface of contact lenses. This curve as close to same as curvature in the front of your cornea. By ensure the comfort in to center of cornea, the lens surface will be smooth and the uniform will clear and undistorted vision result.


The diameter ofcontact lenses is important to the comfortable wear and lens centration.


There are some contact lenses brand that also featured with extended power for high number of myopia and hyperopia. If you need powerful correction, choose the brands.

Astigmatism design

If you have condition of astigmatism, then you need to buy contact lenses that designed for astigmatism.

Surface treatment

There are some contact lenses that featured with contact lenses treatment that designed for helping the lenses to stay moist to give greater comfort to wear. If you have special condition such as dry eyes, then brands that featured with these treatments is best option to choose.

As you do research to find contact lenses then you also need to consult with your eye doctors to choose best contact lenses brand that will work on you.

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