Ford brings back the Maverick name for a new compact truck

So far, all Ford has confirmed is the name, the design and that it will officially reveal the lorry on June 8th with an assist from starlet Gabrielle Union to introduce “something you didnt see coming.” Oh, and of course the reality that the Maverick is Fords very first car to debut on its new TikTok channel.
The dripped images show plainly that Maverick is a smaller sized (and probably less expensive) truck than Fords F-150 or Ranger, that will likely share a platform with the Escape and the recently-introduced Bronco Sport. As far as whats under the hood, we can only guess, even considering Fords current push for electrification that has generated the hybrid F-150 in addition to electrical vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.
The Bronco SUVs didnt include hybrid or EV options out of the gate, while the Escape does have a hybrid version, but well find out whatever next week before the 2022 Maverick goes on sale this fall.

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After a number of leakages and spy photos (you can see more than a few over on Autoblog) Ford has actually validated its building a brand-new compact pickup. Dubbed Maverick, it restores a name that was originally utilized for a stylish compact coupe/sedan Ford offered in the 70s as it attempted to pitch more fuel-efficient automobiles.