Après Capitaine Marleau, Corinne Masiero en ouvrière engagée dans un téléfilm pour France 2

Faced with the success of “Captain Marleau”, France 2 has actually simply revealed that Corinne Masiero would be the star of “Boomerang”, a fiction in which she will play an employee identified to put an end to sexual harassment within her factory. In Boomerang, a 90-minute fiction, Corinne Masiero will play Louise Falconetti, a specialized employee with a strong character and outspokenness who will decide, following the sexual assault suffered by a colleague, to put an end to the sexist atmosphere and the harassment that has actually reigned in their print store for years. Composed by Jean-Pierre Hasson and Christian François, and directed by the latter, Boomerang will see Corinne Masiero provide the reply to Bruno Salomone (Fais pas ci, faire pas ça), Tiphaine Daviot (Zone Blanche), Laurent Bateau (Les Grands), Marie Berto (Sam) and Marie Hatterman.