About Me

I am from Indonesia and have been living in Indonesia for 36 years with my family. We are parents of twin girls . Yes, we are very creative by name!
I love good food. But that does not have to be something extraordinary. I can not say “no” to chocolate or a good pastry.
Food photography is my big love. I can spend hours spending my time clicking through foodphotoblogs. I am the woman who always puts a camera on the table until the food is cold. And then late at night with a cell phone or laptop to write a post or edit photos.
But of course this blog does not work without help. Behind biscuits and me is still second, my family, who is responsible for the website and often for cooking and photographing.
We would really appreciate your feedback because we are just a beginner and still need to learn a lot. Also we wish you a lot of fun while browsing and discovering.
You can also write me